Monday, October 19, 2009

Lights, camera, fashion

Today is the day. Day One of my much anticipated hectic week. It already feels like this week is brimming with opportunities. I start my day off with my first meeting with the event coordinator/training coordinator at Ki. Then I will proceed on to my first shift volunteering at Toronto LG's Fashion Week. I feel like there's just so much to take in this week. Who knows who I will spot on and around the runway? Who knows what tips this coordinator will give me this week? And with a possible second job at a brand new upscale supper club and an interview for an internship at a prominent event planning company in the horizon, who knows what else this week will have in store...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Falling back into that festive feel

I absolutely love days like today. Days when it seems like everything and anything leaves you feeling inspired. I woke up in a particularly good mood, despite a short night's sleep. Sundays are the perfect day--when you truly feel like you deserve a day of rest after a week of activity. For me it's a day of rest in anticipation of a week with a jam-packed (yet equally exciting) schedule. I spent the first few hours of my morning perusing the internet--adding fuel to my creative desires through the Martha Stewart website's arts and crafts and pumpkin template sections. Yes, she has been recently added to my celebrity icon list and yes, I choose to disregard any past felonies that may be lurking on her resume. I feel like my new-found love for entertaining and decorating hobbies have left me feeling like I'm growing more and more into who my dad used to be each day--a feeling so unbelievably overwhelming yet unbelievably stimulating at the same time.

With a kick of energy from my espresso, I hopped over to Fortino's for a quick grocery run on my mom's behalf. There's something about Fortino's that always puts me in a good mood. Normally I despise having to fight through weekend crowds, but today I reveled in it: young couples shopping for a family Sunday lunch (my favorite), beautifully coloured fall produce of pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes and Ontario apples, excited kids running around the Halloween treat aisle, and moms with grocery carts loaded with this years selections of extra-giant pumpkins. Yes! Pumpkins are exactly what I need today. I must say, I definitely did not look as graceful as the moms inside as I struggled to pick up two pumpkins at once which resulted in a twisted wrist, a popped knee cap and a dirty outfit. It didn't matter-the pumpkins were worth it and today is one of those days when no amount of struggle can bring you down.

There is no doubt in my mind that my burst of energy stems from last night. I have added yet another person to my icon list and, although this lady may not be celeb-status, she definitely meets and exceeds those ranks in my books. Before a birthday night out on the town in honour of Erica, us girls gathered at her house for a little pre-soiree hosted by the fabulous Sandra. I was instantly impressed (and envious) of the gorgeous fall decor scattered around the house-pumpkins of all sizes and colours, vanilla candles, and even Halloween hand towels. I was blown away at the spread that enticed me on the (beautiful) kitchen table: shrimp skewers with a spinach aioli, arugula parmigiano and fig salad, cheese gougeres and a fabulous cheese and honey spread all of which was perfectly complimented with Vanilla Sky and Pumpkin Patch cocktails created by John. I swear I did not want to leave that kitchen, I wish we could have brought the club to us and stayed right there. There's something about that house that is definitely magical. So I would like to officially and publicly thank both Sandra and John for an amazing evening that left me feeling fulfilled both in my stomach and in my heart and mind (bring on the cheesy remarks) and with a renewed desire to let out my creative tendencies whenever and wherever I can.

So now, I wait for my new Giada cookbook and Canadian Living Complete Christmas Guide book to arrive in the mail via before I begin to plan my Christmas wine and cheese party. But my days will be filled with fall decorating, pumpkin carving and holiday cookie making until then!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Unemployed is a four letter word...

Finally!! After weeks and weeks of searching, emailing, calling, etc, etc, etc, I have finally landed what should be a lucrative job! I am now officially a new member of the team at Ki Restaurant and Lounge at Bay & Wellington. The offer did not come without some work--an hour and a half interview and several grilling sessions from several of the restaurant's managers. It was all worth it in the end. This is essentially the dream position I've been trying to land since my introduction into the serving industry over a year ago. Not only do I have a new job, but a new job right in the beautiful financial district of downtown Toronto. I finally get to return to the commuting scene--with much more enthusiasm, might I add, considering I will be commuting to a place that I want to be. My orientation is on Monday, before my first shift at Fashion Week. AND on top of it all, I will be trained by the restaurant's very own event coordinator--fate? I think so. I was asked how I felt about double shifts....hopefully this means I will get somewhat full-time hours. Surprisingly, I am more than ecstatic to leave the empty, uneventful lifestyle that I have lately become imprisoned by. So I guess patience really is a virtue--but where in the fine print does it say that it comes with the painful price of anxiety???

Woo hoo! Welcome me back to the working world!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Raw meat, what a treat!

After assisting in the creation of a beautiful stuffing dish and filling it up inside the giant deceased bird, I, for my first time ever, threaded shut a turkey. Texture: slimy. Process: proved more difficult than my mom made it look, hence the bent needle that I ended up will. End result: fulfilling...maybe I'll voluntarily kill some live lobsters after all.

Trix are definitely not just for kids

I actually firmly believe that there's a big conspiracy going on in the cereal industry. And no, you did not just read a typo. I am absolutely convinced that there is some sort of added addictive chemical that they put in cereal that makes it impossible to stop at just one bowl. That would explain how I am so good at self-restraint in every single other aspect of my life aside from breakfast. I try to ban myself from said addiction for weeks at a time but I can never get past day 3 without giving in--excluding last Lent, but that's only because I didn't want to spend the rest of eternity in the fiery depths of hell. It would also explain why, even though I knew I was about to indulge in a four course Turkey dinner alongside four courses of wine, I still managed to scarf down two servings of the tasty treat this morning. Now I will blame my full stomach for for not allowing me to go to the hot yoga class I was trying to force myself to go to this morning. I guess that's what the holidays are for. I'm looking forward to a week of restraint AND extra cardio sessions.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Julie and Julia? Or Liana and Giada?

I went to go watch Julie and Julia last weekend. Warning: definitely not a good idea to watch this if your a foodie, or at least a broke foodie, such as myself. I thought the movie was adorable...but all it did was 1) make me hungry and 2) make me want to copy Julie's cooking challenge. Soooo, 40 dollars a new Giada de Laurentiis cookbook later, I decided to do just that. However, on a smaller scale. Julie challenged herself to cook all of 500-and-something recipes in the Julia Child cookbook in one year. My challenge? Cook all of the recipes (I believe there's about a hundred) in Giada's newest Italian cookbook-Giada's Kitchen. My reasoning behind this? I need to learn how to cook. The domestic woman's gene in me is slowly surfacing. My motivation? My desire to become a professional entertainer and cocktail party thrower in combination with my love for Giada, Italian food, and the modern miracles she works on authentic recipes. My test subjects? My mom (her talent in the kitchen will make her a tough critic), my boyfriend (his stomach is already doing hunger flips of excitement) and my sister (I'm sure her nit-picking will make its way through some of the dishes). I'll keep you posted on my progress, but I'm sorry to say, that unlike Julia Child's book, none of these recipes will involve me killing live lobsters.

Triumph of the Frump

My recent lack of social activity has killed my desire to dress in anything but track pants and sweaters. The part of my brain that was once so focused on style and fashion has temporarily (hopefully only temporarily) gone on hiatus and been clouded over by thoughts of warmth and comfort. You would think that when I was forced to trek downtown for my Toronto LG Fashion Week volunteer meeting that I would have wanted to get into the spirit and dress like I could possibly belong in the scene. Buuuttt comfort won the wardrobe battle once again and so I headed to King St West dressed in my runners, lulus, a gray cardy and a patterned pashmina. When I pulled up to the building I cannot tell you how lost and out of place I was. Everyone was dressed to impressed in their jeans and boots, their toques and blazers. I could feel the fashionistas eyes burning into me and scourning me for my outfit choice. It wasn't until we got our assignments that my confidence got a boost. Despite having applied late, I somehow managed to land a position working backstage. At first I was oblivious to the importance of this position until we backstagers were seperated from the group--apparently "everyone" wanted this "coveted" position, we were told, but only a few of us were selected for certain reasons (who knows what they were) After hearing the job description and learning that, despite the fact that the position is hectic, I would be working one on one with all the models and designers, I became overwhemlingly excited. I could feel the shopping-addict, fashion magazine-lover and fashionably concerned citizen bubbling up in me all over again. Step aside, doubting fashionistas, looks like the frump came out on top this time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bowing out to Break Through

Sooo, its been just over a month since post-graduation season truly began. After being a professional student my whole life, New Years truly comes for me in September when the leaves fall off the trees and are used to replenish the shelves of any store's school-supply section. Basically right now, my life feels like it is anything but counter-productive. I've always been the "pssshh do we reaaallyyy need a car to get around?" type--now, I find myself scouring the Autotrader website daily for something--ANYTHING--that will fit into my student-loan-plagued budget. Please, I'm sending out an S-O-S to anyone that can save me from the confines of my house which has become an all too familiar prison for me ever since the slow economical season of the year began and shifts were cut short at work.

But my restlessness is not only caused by my yearning to spend more time at Moxie's Classic Grill. This is the first time (that I can actually remember) in my 22 years of life that I am not back in school full-time for the year. It is a feeling strange beyond strange. For the past four years of university I had school to back up my 'I'm still young and have time to create a future for myself' motto. Now, when people ask me what I'm doing with my life, my answer is simple, honest and to the point--nothing. And it drives me absolutely crazy. I am anxious to be a part of something bigger, something so much more and something that I want to be doing--something I've been dying to do for the past two years.

This past Saturday I spent my first day working somewhat in the field in which I plan to make a future. When one my best friends asked me to help her coordinate a wedding, I had to tone my excitement down so she wouldn't think I was a complete loser. The day was great--ensuring everything was perfect for what may be the bride's best day of her life. It was a fairy tale wedding--big wedding party, vintage cars, extensive guest list, chic decor--the works. And just being a part of it all coming together was amazing. I went to bed feeling truly tired from a truly fulfilling day for the first time in a long time.

And so, after a thrilling experience and stemming from a month's worth of anxiety, I have decided to make my official Pseudo-New Years Resolution. It is time to pack it up--the past, that is. The times when I studied through the week and raced to the clubs and the parties and the alcohol on the weekends. My stomach can no longer handle it (last weekend is my proof of that) Now, although still a fresh graduate, I have to seize my enthusiasm for a successful future and use it to do something productive. I must put myself out there, grab any opportunity that comes my way-whether its single-handedly planning a wedding, or serving cocktails at a bar mitzvah. Yes. I am ready world. Look out for me, I'm determined and I'm coming.....right after I find the perfect career-woman blazer and shoes. Right?